Along the sustainable way !


What we do

The Sustainabus is a refitted bus that comes closest to the inhabitants and students of Geneva to explain and support sustainable development at the local level around a single motto: Learn, Share, Act!



The bus comes to municipalities or schools to make people discover sustainable development through fun and interactive workshops on energy, waste, biodiversity, agriculture and food.



The bus is the symbol of a shared entertaining moment. Visitors can share their experiences and ideas. Facilitators answer questions and feed the debate on everyday challenges at the local and global level.

Take Action

The bus is an easy way to engage in individual or collective actions that will make the change. By linking our efforts as agents-citizens, we work for a sustainable community that benefits everyone.

Who we are

The Sustainbus team is made up of members of the Earth Focus Foundation, an organization based in Geneva, which seeks to educate people of all ages on the various themes related to sustainability.


What is Sustainability ?

Social Cohesion


Environmental Protection


Collaborative Economy


Sustainability is not just about protecting the environment. It is the promotion of new economic and societal models that preserve our resources while improving our living conditions. The idea is to have a global lifestyle that values ​​individual and collective well-being and equality on a global scale.

How to create a local and global community, fair and healthy, protect the natural resources and wonders of the world, while having a global economy that can benefit all in the long run? Follow the exhibitions of the Sustainabus! Discover simple everyday actions, solidarity-based community projects and participate at your level in the overall effort.

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