A sustainable bus
to create a sustainable community !

What we do

The sustainabus project wants to bring positive change to the community.
We believe that the people have the power to create positive social change for a better tomorrow.
How will we make it happen?


Social event

Our bus will be a symbol for a good time. We will go to communes and schools, bringing music, activities, and a good time along with us. Sustainability is about well-being and being able to enjoy life! Why not learn about how to act sustainably whilst having fun?



Sustainability is misunderstood. The first step for change is understanding the tools that at your disposal. Our bus is a display space that will travel around villages and schools,  each time portraying information on different themes of sustainability in a fun and palpable manner. Our volunteers will also be there to answer any and all questions!


Our community of followers will actively promote sustainability through individual projects or actions. Learning how to change isn’t enough! That’s why we will offer the tools to truly make a difference in your and other people’s lives.

Who we are

Our Sustainabus team was created through Earth Focus Foundation,
a Geneva-based organisation that wishes to educate people of all ages on themes surrounding sustainability.

What is Sustainability ?

Social Cohesion

Environmental Protection

Collaborative Economy

Sustainability is not only about protecting the environment. It is the blueprint for a new way of life and a new model for society. The idea? Having a global lifestyle that promotes well-being and equality for everyone on Earth.

How can we create a healthy and just local and global community, protect our natural resources and wonders whilst growing our economy in a way that benefits all, forever? Follow the bus and it’s events as we tackle one theme at a time. And if you miss a display, worry not! All displays will be made virtual through articles and educational material here on the website.

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The Team behind





Don’t be shy and get involved !